Boat trip around the bay


After a 13 hour train journey and 4 hour bus ride, we arrived in Halong Bay which was unfortunately very overcast and misty. We had an hour for breakfast and a shower and then it was straight onto a junk boat to sail around the bay.

The views were beautiful and the mist made it feel as though I were part of a Pirates of the Caribbean film! It was lovely and really relaxing to just sit on the top deck of the boat and gaze out at the ocean and small islands that littered the sea. We were served lunch on the boat, but I’m not sure they really understood what being a vegetarian entails!! They served me vegetarian fish and spring rolls which were supposed to be vegetables but had meat in them. It’s safe to say that I was not overly impressed.

Boat trip around the bay
Boat trip around the bay

Half way through our tour our boat broke down, so we had to be rescued by another! Once safely on board the second boat we headed to one of the caves. The cave was unbelievable, the formation of the rocks inside it looked as if they had been artificially made for a movie! The only thing that spoilt it were the multi-colored lights that lit it. Over all the boat trip was really good, I just wished that I could have spent longer in order to have explored more of the caves and islands.


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