Bien Mo floating restaurant

Bien Mo Restaurant

Halong Bay is rich in seafood and offers tons of fish, shrimps and oysters. The catch served in most restaurants usually comes right out of fishing boats in the early hours of the morning.

There are many good restaurants located in Bai Chay Town (Halong Bay Town) and most are the beachfront type. These eateries offer mainly Vietnamese and Chinese dishes with a good selection of seafood, however lately there are more international options to be had.

Bien Mo Restaurant

Bien Mo restaurant (dreamy ocean) is a 15 minutes from land marvelous floating restaurant on Halong Bay. The restaurant rises and falls with the tide in a unique position in the bay. It has a simple design that reflects a wooden floating house. From afar, Bien Mo looks not much different from a fishing boat that you can easily find in this allured bay.

Airy ambiance and strange location is one of Bien Mo’s charms. The experience of dining amid a bay of thousands islands with lovely sea breeze is unforgettable. That is the reason why Bien Mo in particular and Halong Bay floating restaurants in general is attractive to travelers. halong bay

Good location would lose it meaning if it is lack of delicious food. The restaurant fascinates its customers with amazingly fresh seafood. Bien Mo serves all kinds of seafood in Halong Bay from cuttlefish, crab, snail, oyster, and many other types of fish. There are underwater cages to keep fishes alive all the time, so the freshness is unquestionable.

Bien Mo is located amid stone islands in the small Oan harbour in the Ha Long Bay area. With 200 seats, the restaurant offers live seafood specialties that are stored in the restaurant. The Bien Mo Restaurant has an excellent location and a pleasant ambiance. Free Karaoke room is available.