Sa sung fried with luffa

Sa sung fried with luffa
Sa sung fried with luffa

Sa sung fried with luffa is a unique and delicious dish of Quang Ninh people. It is not difficult to cook the Sa sung fried with luffa. Let’s start right now

Ingredients and recipe:
– Two luffa fruits, 100 gram San sung, 1 spoon of soup, ½ spoon of salt, pepper, onion.
– Whittle luffa’s peel
– Wash Sa sung carefully, you must sure that there is no sand in its bowel. Cut them into piece of 10cm. Boil water, put Sa Sung in. After them rolled, you pick them out, and then let them dry. Mix them with ½ spoon of soup and a little salt.
– Fry garlic, then put ‘’Sa Sung” into a pan, cook within 3 minutes.
– Fry luffa , then put Sa Sung in pan, mix them, add spice, onion leaves, and finishing cooking.
– Put them in a dish, and add pepper.


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