Sa Sung story

Sa Sung

Sa sung (Vietnamese : Sa sung) is a kind of sea worn. It always lives in sea area of Quang Ninh, Hai phong, Con Dao ,.. It lives in deep hole, under sand, and its color is blow red.

Sa Sung

Sa sung is 10-15 cm in length. Its shape is similar with earth worm but it is bigger. In its bowler is full of sands. People here usually catch them on early morning. When earning food in the night, Sa sung lets a lot of traces on sand. Basing on these traces, people can find down these holes.

How to cook this dish?
You have to wash them carefully, take sands out of their bowler. You should wash them under water until Sa Sung has the ivory white color.
In Quang Ninh and other northern provinces, they use Sa Sung as dried shrimp to cook with noodle soup or vermicelli. In Con Dao or Vung Tau, it is fried or baked.
Sa sung has its natural sweet taste, so you do not have to add sugar or glutamate. You only add a little salt. The native here said that if you have once chance to try this food, you will never forget it.
In each region, it is cook in different ways. In Quang Ninh , its price is 500.000-600000 VND per kg, in Con Dao, it is 150000-160000 VND per kg.
Dried Sa Sung is similar to dried cuttlefish. It is a kind of ephemera, so that it contains a lot of nutrition.


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