Halong Yachts Legacy

Halong Yachts Legacy

Halong Yachts LegacyHalong Yachts Legacy is a 3-star yacht is designed in traditional style combined with modern equipment in the bedroom standard international customer service. Yacht Bay 3 stars out of Legacy is sure to make you satisfied for a cruise in Ha Long tour great.

Halong Yachts Legacy is designed in Oriental style with harmonious interiors. Complete air-conditioned rooms on the boat with hardwood flooring and sweeping views of the sea. Private bathrooms come with hot showers and toiletries free.

The yacht has a length of 31.5m, width 7m, height 8.5m. The entire ship is divided into two floors are distributed:
1st floor: Living room, kitchen, 7 Superior
Level 2: 4 standard rooms, bar, restaurant
Among them:
Per room size: 12 square meters
7 Deluxe – Area 12m2 / room
4 Family Room – Size 17.5m2 / room

Modern equipment on board:

Terrace / sundeck
Restaurant, Bar
Non-smoking, Facilities for Disabled Room, Family Room
Large bedrooms, all rooms have large windows
Fire alarm systems – fire extinguisher
System lifebuoys, lifejackets

Legacy Dinner Yacht Cruise
Legacy Restaurant Cruise yacht is designed with cozy
Restaurants on Cruise Halong Legacy was designed with cozy

Equipment in the room:

Hair dryer
Dressing table
Hammer out the door
Towels, towels, bathrobes, bathing caps shooting
Shower gel, cream + toothbrush
Life jacket
The water in the room

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