Paragon Yachts Halong

Paragon Yachts Halong

Paragon Yachts HalongActivities of Paragon Yachts Halong: Pleasure Bay visits, swimming (summer), caving, kayaking paddle, fishing village, night squid fishing, free karaoke, learn to cook on the ship …
Travel 2 days / 1 night
Travel 3 days / 2 nights
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Proud to be one of the best night cruise in Halong Bay, Paragon Yachts Halong debut on May 6/2014 to 12 modern and luxurious cabin. This 3-star yacht has been certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Vietnam with luxury amenities such as a hotel on the sea.

Besides, visiting Halong Bay and you can experience very diverse natural landscape, varying from long sandy beach to thousand-year-old-lime karst. Halong Bay covers nearly 1900 islets of different size, some very large such as Thien Cung Cave or Surprise Cave, others as small as a few meters wide. Discover what you will see as you make your way to this natural wonder.