The luxury cruises on Halong Bay

Halong Bay luxury Indochina sails overview
Halong Bay luxury Indochina sails overview

The luxury cruises on Halong Bay will provide you the first class services and optimal chances to explore the beauty of Halong bay deeply. You can enjoy the relaxation as being at a five star hotel and get unforgettable experiences with unique activities, mysterious spaces on Halong bay cruise. These below are some major features of luxury cruises on Halong Bay that you may concern.

Cruise with Paradise – Cruise the Magnificence

  • Top 3 luxury cruises on Halong Bay

1. Paradise Cruise Halong bay:

Embarking from private pier at the stunning Tuan Chau Island Halong Bay, Paradise Cruises invites you to experience the finest of an immersion in culture, heritage and natural beauty in one of the most captivating destinations in the world.
Granting spacious first class cabins, inspired fusion cuisine as well as supreme customer services for this breathtaking seascape, Paradise Cruises redefines the luxury cruising concept in the legendary Halong Bay.Halong Paradise

2. Indochina Sails Halong bay

Backed by over ten years’ experience hosting international guests on the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, Indochina Sails has set a new standard for luxury cruising. The first company to offer overnight cruises on the bay, we are now widely known as the number one choice for discerning travellers. Our fleet of six newly built wooden junks is designed in time-honored traditional style, with contemporary and luxurious cabins and facilities. What better way to experience the natural beauty and spectacular seascape of this UNESCO World Heritage site than on board an Indochina Sails junk!Indochina Sails

3. Jasmine Cruise Halong bay

The newest four star junk named Jasmine Cruise Halong will set the standard for services and amenities on the bay. This is one of the biggest Halong cruises.JasmineCruise


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