Halong Cristina Yacht

Halong Cristina Yacht

Halong Cristina Yacht Along Halong Cristina Cruise Halong Bay to the famous landmark in Vietnam’s northeastern coast, 2 times by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, Halong really attractive scenic wonders , just majestic, graceful and poetic medium captivated, amazed guests.


Halong Cristina yacht has 10 cabins are decorated with beautiful woods, luxury is the harmonious combination between traditional and modern, fully equipped with amenities: air conditioning, bathroom and shower, hot water heater, wardrobe, slippers … certainly gives you a great experience while in Ha Long Bay – the World Wonders.

Halong Cristina Yacht 32m in length, including 2 for 3 persons Triple room and 8 double room for 2 persons. Along with 70m2 and one large restaurant terrace where you can spend time relaxing while watching the romantic Halong Bay and enjoy a drink made from the gifted hands of employees ship.

When it comes to scenery, Halong Bay can just be described as a ‘wow’. Known for its thousands of rocks and caves emerging out of emerald water, Halong Bay has won numerous world recognitions as well as charmed millions of visitors through our the years. As you slowly explore the Bay, you will go from one surprise to another: one cannot stop asking himself/herself ‘how could nature have gifted human such a wonder!’.