Bai Tu Long National Park – an attractive ecotourism site

Bai Tu Long

QNP – About 20 kilometers east of Cai Rong town, Van Don district or about 60 kilometers northeast of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long National Park is a national-level nature reserve zone which has landscape and unique natural beauty of ecotourism value.

The National Park possesses a total area of 15,783 hectares, among which, the forest takes up 6,125 hectares with more than 40 different-size islands, the rest are the sea and underwater tidal flats. This is one of seven national parks in Vietnam has an area of land has an area of sea.
The core area in this complex is Ba Mun ecological tourist site which is situated in Minh Chau commune (the home to Minh Chau beach, one of the most charming beaches in Quang Ninh). The flora and fauna system here are diversified with high value in terms of gene preservation.

Bai Tu Long
The topographical structure of Bai Tu Long National Park includes soil islands interacted with rock islands like: Ba Mun, Big Tra Ngo, Small Tra Ngo, Sau Nam, Sau Dong, Dong Ma, Hon Chinh, Lo Ho, Mang Ha Nam, Mang Ha Bac, Di To, Chay Chay, Da Ay, Soi Nhu. The vast valleys surrounded by limestone mountains constitute a multiform living environment for various species of flora and fauna.
It is estimated that there are more than 178 marine species, 119 species of fish, 132 species of invertebrate fauna, 106 species of coral reef inhabiting in the sea and the tidal flats in the park. The region is also home to some 102 rare species, including 72 kinds of fauna and 30 kinds of flora which are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.
Bai Tu Long National Park is also a reserve zone for natural beauty, historical and cultural value with archaeological site like Soi Nhu Cave where the existence of the ancient Viet people (marked by the former crowded Van Don commercial port 14 thousand years ago) was found.
Bai Tu Long complex also hosts a beautiful beach named Minh Chau which is located in Minh Chau commune. The beach possesses a long white-sandy beach of 2km which is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Tonkin region. There is a primitive forest near the beach covering a total area of 14 hectares which is very favorable for developing ecological tourism.


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