Heaven At Halong Bay


we arrived at the bay and got onto our boat which would be our home for the next day and it was really nice, we had an en suite room with air-con, a lot more than I thought we would get.

We set sail and our first stop was for a trip round ‘amazing cave’ which is actually the name they have given it and to be fair it was pretty amazing so I’ll let them off. After that we got back onto the boat and headed for Ti-Top island which was a tiny island where you could climb 100m to the top of the mountain for great views of the bay but bare in mind that its sweating and the view from the ground was still pretty impressive so we decided to chill out on the beach and go for a dip in the cool water, so refreshing.

Next was dinner on the boat which included spring rolls that we had made ourselves, really nice and I was of course a pro with my previous experience from the Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai. After dinner we chilled out on the boat with some beer and vino we had bought from a woman in a boat, totally normal here and I also tried m hand at a bit of fishing, it hard and I wasn’t the best so I gave up after a few minutes, I was quite glad I did as the others spent hours and only caught a sombrero.
Our next day and after an early rise we headed to a nature reserve to go on a bike ride. As we had missed breakfast on the boat I purchased some much needed Ritz crackers for the trip . After about an hour on the bikes we got back onto the boat for our lunch which included yet more spring rolls and boiled rice and salty fish, I was really in need of a burger now! After lunch we went kayaking for a bit around the bay which was really cool and we didn’t even capsize once which was a relief!

We then chilled out on the boat after and we were taken to Cat Ba island where we would be spending our second evening. The hotel we were staying in was really nice and had a huge balcony with a view over the river! After a quick shower it was time to explore. Without thinking we needed cash and funnily enough there aren’t many ATM’s on a small fishing island. Never mind we hit a few nice bars and played some pool. We did have a free meal at the hotel but there is only so much rice and fish a person can eat so we opted out and I got a massive pizza, get in! We checked out early in the morning and headed back to boat to get back to Ha Long City where we would have lunch in a hotel and you guessed it… fish and rice yay! After feeding we then headed back in our bus to Kangaroo café and crazy Hanoi.
This place is definitely the complete opposite to Hanoi with its beautiful scenery and being so peaceful, you could just drift around the bay forever. But, time for us to move on and time to experience the Vietnam rail service for the first time. So, time for the overnight train to Hue, please be nice…


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