How should I dress while traveling in Vietnam?


Travellers should know how to dress for travel in Vietnam. Here are several tips about dress for travelling in Vietnam.

Appropriate dress differs from North to South. Southern Vietnam is tropical year around and people dress comfortably and casually. Light weight cotton and wool fabrics will be comfortable at any time of year. While they may resist wrinkles, synthetics, cottons, and blends are miserably hot.

Generally, short pants are inappropriate anywhere but a beach resort or a farm, and you will look like a foolish tourist on the streets of most cities. Jeans are almost always fashionable except for business occasions. Further, in any business setting never where shorts even if they are cut from the finest Italian fabric.
Winter (November through April) can be cool in Hanoi, and a coat may be necessary. Dress here is a bit more formal and conservative than the fashionable South.


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