Tips For Cruise Booking In High Seasons

Halong Bay

It’s almost the time of the year again! Are you planning to book a Halong Bay cruise trip? Traveling over the holidays can be a little bit touristy and busy with a lot of people having the same plan with you in the same attraction, expensive and stressful, but it isn’t all bad at all if you check out our 5 valuable tips for booking in holiday season in this articles.

Early bird booking is recommended

A lot of cruise operators on Halong Bay now offering the Early bird promotion for their guests who book the cruise early. The Early bird valuable dates listed in the promotion is normally about 30 days to 60 days or more, it depends on each tourism company’s promotion. The earlier you book the cruise, the easier it will be to get a better deal or to keep for yourself a nicer view cabin on board. But please take note that if you’re going to get this good deal, you need to keep in mind not to change the departure date or no refund policy added in case of cancellation from you.

Visit Halong bay
Visit Halong bay

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Consider package deals or any available promotions

Many cruise lines offer rally value-added deals that might include hotel stays, accommodation in Hanoi, airport pickup, discounts, etc. These promotions are easy to get in some periods of time. And there’re many options for you to choose which fits perfectly with your travel plan. The bundled pricing offered by packages can be very competitive between some cruise companies.

Consider package deals or any available promotions
Consider package deals or any available promotions

Know what’s included

This is where things get tricky. Some of cruise companies or travel agents offer the full price for an overnight cruise on Halong Bay, but some didn’t. The full price is normally includes every meals on board, all activities like swimming or kayaking, entrance fees for some attraction on the Bay, and especially transfer fee between Hanoi and Halong. Just make a careful research or ask your agent clearly before deciding to book. Some increase overall revenue that you don’t expect may ruin your vacation.